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Board of Education

The following Board Goals for 2016-2017 were approved by the Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103 Board of Education on December 13, 2016.

1. Culture & Climate

Create a 2 year committee to meet 2 times per year comprised of board members, administrators, teachers, and parents that will provide feedback to ensure success of the following significant changes in District 103: 5th grade move, transportation, start/end times. Students from each school will be provided an opportunity to provide input to the committee regarding these changes.

Reconvene the 2020 Vision Committee to provide feedback on Vision 2020 progress to date.

Support the development of an Administration cultural diversity plan.

2. Fiscal Sustainability & Facilities

Review the Administration plan to save for future facility improvements that could not be undertaken this year due to budgetary constraints.

Explore options to address new development within District 103 boundaries.

3. Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Review the Administration 5 year plan for staffing and facility utilization that anticipates needs by grade level related to projected enrollment increases due to move ins and new developments.

Review achievement data available to determine the percentage of each individual student that is meeting his/her growth potential with a long term goal to have ≥84% of students reaching individual growth targets as predicted by ECRA.

Explore underlying reasons for achievement differences on standardized tests by demographic as reported in the Illinois Report Card.

4. Student Schedules

Provide feedback related to changes in the scheduling and staffing at Daniel Wright while supporting efforts to enable grade level teaming at 7th and 8th grade.

School Board Member Training: 

The following School Board members have completed the Open Meetings Act Training for School Board Members:

  • Chris Curtis
  • Malathy Dwaraknath
  • Gary Gordon
  • Marissa Grossenbach
  • Kate Harper
  • Anne van Gerven
  • Liang Yang

  • Our Mission:
  • To provide innovative learning experiences which empower each student to excel and make a difference in a diverse and interconnected world.
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