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Summer School 2018 Course Descriptions:
Fine Arts

Students register for classes based on the grade level most recently completed

ACTING, grades K-7

This course will use movement and drama to develop students' self-confidence and communication skills. The class will also develop problem solving and group skills through acting.

ART (includes a $15.00 materials fee), grades 4-7

Students will create a variety of projects using multiple forms of art!

ARTS & CRAFTS (includes a $15.00 materials fee), grades K-5

Students will learn about arts and crafts through fun-filled exploratory activities. Projects and materials will be chosen to match the different interests and skill levels of students in the classes. Student creativity is the focus.


This class will cover the care of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Feeding, changing, playing and safety/first aid issues will be discussed.

COOKIE DECORATING (includes a $30.00 materials fee), grades 6-7

Channel your inner cake boss and learn to decorate delicious cookies!

COOKING (includes a $28.00 materials fee for grades K-4; includes a $30.00 materials fee for grades 5-7), grades K-7

Tie on an apron, wash your hands, and get ready to cook! Students will be creating tasty recipes for their pleasure. This class is for beginning cooks and returning chefs alike. Recipes will be specifically geared to match the skill level and taste preferences of each age group. Students make and enjoy a snack and beverage daily.

KNITTING (includes a $10.00 materials fee), grades 3-7

Knit one, purl two! Learn basic knitting stitches while constructing a scarf! You will learn how knit on a loom (grades 3-4) and knit with needles (grades 5-7). Looms and knitting needles will be provided for you to borrow as you knit your scarf.

MUSIC MAKERS, grades K-5

Take a musical adventure! We will sing, play, and create music with a mixture of instruments. We will “Drum to the Beat” with African drums, create “Madness with Mallets” on xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels and finally “Move to the Rhythm” with scarves, ribbons, and more.

MUSIC MADNESS, grades 5-7

Ever wondered how Rock-n-Roll has influenced the music of today? We will explore the emergence of rock music through the decades and create our own using GarageBand for Mac software and learn to play instruments such as African drums, percussions (xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels) and ukuleles. We will have one mad jam session this summer!

MUSIC and STEAM, grades 5-7

This class will provide students with the opportunity to have hands-on learning! We will be doing a variety of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (Music), and Math) activities that will allow students to use their imagination and the musical mind! Students will collaborate to create electronic pianos using circuits and household items, code their own music, make instruments, and more!

POTTERY (includes a $20.00 materials fee), grades 4-7

Designed for the beginner, students will create a variety of ceramic objects using the hand building techniques of pinch, coil, and slab. Students will experiment by making works that are both decorative and functional and by adding shiny, colorful glazes. This class will be a fun, hands-on way to use your imagination and create!


Are you a young musician looking for more practice and opportunities to perform during the summer? This is the course for you! In Summer Band Blast we will work on improving tone and intonation through warm ups and technique exercises, while seeking out venues to display the talent our group has to offer the public!

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